Top Webhosting Companies of 2016

If you are considering launching a website for your business, your data and information will have to be hosted somewhere. You will, therefore, need to pay web hosting services to make your site accessible to the World Wide Web. However, before choosing your package plan, there are a number of things you will need to consider: these include the storage required, business focus, and long-term goals among others. An active site complete with videos, images and blog posts will need a service providing unlimited disk space. If you have large a large number of viewers, you should go for a package with unlimited bandwidth to prevent your site from crashing now and then due to an influx of visitors. Below is a list of the top Webhosting Companies of 2016:

Best Webhosting Companies of 2016


Best Hosting for Startups

At just $1.99 per month for the starter package, iPage offers one of the cheapest and feature rich web hosting services hence value for money. iPage has consistently been voted as a top web host due to the ease of use as well as customer satisfaction. Due to its low-cost plan, the company is highly recommended for small business sites, business startups, midsize sites and personal sites. More info at


All-Purpose Hosting

When it comes to experience, no top web hosting company can beat Bluehost as they can comfortably boast of years of recognition in the business. They offer many different plans that can serve almost any website hence qualifying to be an all-purpose web host. One of the highest and most notable users are the WordPress bloggers and developers. There are discounts for signing long-term plans. Package plans start at $3.99. More info can be accessed at


Value for Money

ideaHost is a relatively new company in the business offering loads of features, free site builder, free email address, and unlimited disk space all for just $2.95/ month. Unbelievable, isn’t it? For that amount, you would expect to get just a domain, so there is an absolute value for money. Their reliability is not in question and security of data is guaranteed. Their customer service is also 24/7 via email, chat, and phone. You can utilize their “30 days MoneyBack” policy if you are not comfortable with their service.

Inmotion Hosting

High-Performance Business Site Hosting

They have a fair pricing for a premium host and have one of the highest customer satisfaction levels from their different variety of plans. Inmotion provides high-performance web hosting that can accommodate heavy traffic and is hence recommended for large company sites, midsize business sites that deal with a high number of customers. Small business sites can also use this hosting service for enhanced performance. Packages start at $3.49/month. More info at

Web Hosting Hub

Best Shared Web Hosting

This company offers shared hosting plans which are perfect for small business owners and entrepreneurs who want fast and reliable web hosting services. They are a well-known and respected web host service that is affordable to many. More info at

A2 Hosting

The choice for Web Developers

A2 Hosting is known for its high-performance web hosting services. This company can comfortably boast of being the choice for many web developers due to its quick implementation of modern and latest versions of development software. They have flexible, customizable and unmanaged plans. Their price is quite high, but be sure to get the kind of service for which you have paid. Package starts at $3.92/month. More info at


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